O P E N  G A R D E N  D A Y  W I T H  C L A I R E

So last week we introduced you to Claire, our new Head Gardener, just in time for our Open Garden Day. Well we thought it might be nice to get to know her a little better and get an insight to what she has in store for the Gardens. Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her last week…

Psst… a must read for those attending the Open Garden Day, there may be some inside info on what to look out for ;)

We’d love to know how you ended up in the beautiful world of gardening, where did it all start for you?

I used to volunteer for the local council where I grew up in Rochdale, helping to restore their public parks which had become over grown and dilapidated over the decades. I loved this so much that I decided to do a degree in horticulture. Whilst doing my degree in York, I continued to volunteer at local historic gardens, Middlethorpe Hall & Harewood House, to gain more practical experience. I then went on to work as a gardener for the National Trust.

Wow so you’ve been doing this for a while! You must have some favourites amongst the different plants and flowers?

My very favourite is Dierama (Angle’s Fishing Rod). Alas, we have none in the garden at the moment, but I’d like to plant some to gracefully sway around the pond next Spring.
My second favourite is Persicaria. We currently have Persicaria Bistorta flowering in the herbaceous borders, its abundance of marshmellowy pink pom-pom flowers are a treat at this time of year.

Persicaria Bistorta

One of Claire’s favourites, you can find this around the pond walkways.

Looks beautiful, definitely something to look out for when visiting the Gardens. What were your first impressions on your first visit to the Hall?

Driving along the single-track road for what seemed like an age, I initially thought I was lost until I came around the corner and under the bridge, when Saltmarshe opened up in front of me. My first impression was ‘wow’. Once in the garden, I was taken aback by the timeless charm created by the Yew buttresses around the Walled Garden and the abundance of Lady’s Mantle & Roses. The borders are ‘choka’ block full of beautiful and interesting plants and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start clearing around the Peonies and Persicaria.

That’s so great to hear, the Gardens are something we are very proud of, and can only be enhanced by someone with your experience and knowledge. What are your short term and long term plans for the Gardens?

There were a lot of empty beds when I got started. I have been working with the garden team to fill these with existing plants in the garden and sweet pea obelisks. The team have been busy giving the hedges their end of spring prune and I will be working hard over the next month to weed and thin out the herbaceous borders. Long term, we’ll be developing the design of the herbaceous borders and establishing areas of wildflower.
Walled Garden Pergola.jpg

Walled Garden Pergola

Claire has filled some beds in this area, giving it a lovely pop of colour.

Ohh it’s so exciting, all sounds great and its amazing how much difference that spring prune has made to those hedges, just in time for the Open Garden Day. Are there any other highlights in the Gardens people should be looking out for?

The David Austin Roses in the Walled Garden are beginning to flower. Each one has a different scent but they all smell divine.
Garden Plant 1.jpg

David Austin Rose

Find these by the Pergola in the Walled Garden and take in their gorgeous scents!

It’s been so great getting to know a little more about you and the plans you have here in the Gardens. I’m sure you’ll get many more intrigued guests with their questions at the Open Garden Day. Finally, what advice would you give to those keen gardeners out there?

Always rake your foot prints out of the soil once you’re finished. Whether the bed is empty or full, it will look ten times better without big steel toe cap foot prints running through it!

Thank you Claire!

Claire will be around at the Open Garden Day to show you her work and answer any of your questions.

Big thanks to Claire for sparing a few minutes for us, it was nice to get out into the Gardens 🍃🌺

We hope you join us on Sunday 16th June (yes bring the father! 😉) from 12-4pm the Gardens will be yours to enjoy. We also have a few times left if you would like a Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea or Picnic! 

 📞 Call us on 01430 434920 or

💻 Email

Please feel free to add any comments below, questions for Claire or just general enquiries, we would love to hear from you!

A U T U M N 🍁 | W I N T E R ❄️ | C H R I S T M A S 🎄| N E W Y E A R 🍾


Autumn, Winter, Christmas & New Year

We’re hopefully moving into another great summer, and we are sure many of you are ready for it. But we haven’t done bad this winter have we!? Indian summer nights in autumn, crisp sunny days in winter, a not so white Christmas and a fairly mild night to see in 2019.

Global warming is changing, and it made us wonder – maybe there isn’t that much difference between spring, summer weddings and autumn, winter. In fact, we had a look into it, and found autumn, winter weddings have their pretty special moments too… Take look 👀


A U T U M N 🍁

We had a wedding last October on Saturday 13th and it was close to a record-breaking temperature for that time of year. The sun was shining and the colours were just incredible, Mr & Mrs Cross couldn’t have wished for a more Autumn day. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 14.11.28.png

‘An Autumn wedding isn’t something we initially intended on as we were trying to be quite flexible with dates to secure the perfect venue, we knew we didn't want a summer wedding and when we got to thinking about the date we thought actually more often than not we get a lovely late summer in the Autumn, then once we saw Saltmarshe Hall with its beautiful gardens we knew that was the venue for us and that the autumnal colours would just be an extra special feature.’

Mr & Mrs Cross – Saturday 13thOctober 2018

W I N T E R ❄️

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 14.12.26.png

Okay so the temperature drops and there’s a little more chance of a bit of rain and cloud around. But that in itself can still be beautiful. With our bar and lounges all being the home to a cosy log fire, just imagine how homely and intimate our winter weddings can be!? Not only that, but if you do happen to catch that lovely winter sun, don’t the gardens create the most enchanting photographs!? 

C H R I S T M A S 🎄

Keeping those cosy, chilled vibes and enchanting gardens in mind, add a pinch of Christmas spirit, and you’ve got yourself a truly magical wedding! Saltmarshe Hall comes alive at Christmas, it’s probably because it has that family owned, inviting feel, with 8ft Christmas trees and hints of Christmas décor to compliment those stunning fire places and that oh so iconic staircase. (You save yourself a bit on décor spends too 😉)

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 14.13.06.png

Hannah, our Wedding & Events Manager had her first Christmas at the Hall last year… 

‘Starting in April and seeing the gardens through spring and summer and how the Hall just came alive with the summer sun, I was really excited to see how different it was in the winter. Anyone who has worked with me knows I’m ALWAYS cold 🙈so it’s not really my most liked season! But I was pleasantly surprised. It’s amazing how warm the Hall stays in the winter, not something you expect from such an old building. With the fires lit and the Christmas decorations up it comes alive in a completely different way. I think Christmas brings people together and just enthuses joy anyway, put that in a family owned Hall, beautifully renovated with its modern touches on those original structures, it really is perfect for two families to come together and celebrate a new marriage. I’m slightly biased because I love the Hall anyway, but hopefully when people visit, they get the same feeling.’

N E W  Y E A R 🍾

Carry on those Christmas celebrations and enjoy New Year at the Hall. Touching on what Hannah said, we aim to provide a place where families can come together and celebrate. New family, new Mr & Mrs, New Year. A New Year’s Wedding is a great way to combine those celebrations.

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 14.13.39.png

Well, what do you think!? Is winter the new summer? Or if not, is it just as good? We think so! And we still have some availability for Autumn & Winter this year, including some Christmas dates AND (would you believe it! 😲) New Year’s Eve 2019.


Get in touch ☺️

📞 01430 434920



P H O T O  C R E D I T S 📸 

Barnaby Aldrick 

M and G Photographic

Aden Priest

Sarah Folega 

Alexandra, Clicky Mcghee 

RJH Wedding Photography

James Green Studios

Dan, Ginger Snaps

Our Exciting New Addition To Saltmarshe Hall - Dine With Us!


Dine In Style

Dining Now Available at Saltmarshe Hall

Dining at Saltmarshe Hall


Have you ever dreamt of experiencing the luxury of Saltmarshe Hall but just never found the right opportunity? Well, we are so delighted to announce that our characterful and oh-so elegant Dining Room will now be open to all, which means it has never been easier to escape day-to-day life and indulge for an evening of delicious food. 


Situated on the ground floor, overlooking the tranquil and pristine parkland of Saltmarshe, our dining room boasts some of the very best views; the perfect setting for a sumptuous three-course dinner, be it to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just a well-deserved night off. 


Start your evening in our bar for a pre-dinner drink or relax by the fire in our newly refurbished Library Lounge.


The Bar

Enjoy a pre-dinner drink at our bar…

W Kim  James 086 [Full-Res Colour].jpg

The Library Lounge

Relax by the fire in our new Library Lounge




So, when will our Dining Room be open we hear you ask? You can come and dine with us on any evening throughout March, Monday through to Sunday. And, to respect the privacy of our Brides, Grooms and wedding guests, throughout the rest of the year April to December, our Dining Room will be open three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.


Boasting a delicious new menu each week so that you can experience new tastes and different flavours all year round. Our chefs have been working so hard to bring heart-warming, locally sourced and fine ingredients to your plate. Not only that, but with an extensive list of hand-selected wines, refreshing drinks and tipples there’s no need to go thirsty.


Reservations will have to be made in advance, you can check availability with our friendly team by emailing or by phoning 01430 434920. All that’s left to do now is dream about which dessert you will be selecting from our expertly created menus…




Would you like to make the experience that extra bit special? Why not stay the night in one of our luxury bedrooms or suites? We have fourteen luxurious bedrooms for you to select from, be it from the recently renovated North Wing, a Suite or Bridal Suite, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice. 

saltmarshe suite 1.jpg


Why not take a browse and plan ahead for that special occasion, or perhaps a treat for a loved one? Take a look at our individually designed, dreamy bedrooms here


We look forward to welcoming you all to Saltmarshe Hall in the near future.


Gift vouchers also available

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Meet The Team - Our Breakfast Chef, Jeanette


Meet The Team

Jeanette, Our Breakfast Chef

At Saltmarshe Hall we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver. From the couples that are looking to plan their dream day, to the seekers of all things relaxing that stay with us in our tranquil suites - our team are forever at the heart of it all. 

This is why we’re delighted that you have landed on our pages of the journal for our ‘Meet the Team’ feature, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the hardworking team at Saltmarshe Hall. A few months ago, we introduced you to Hannah, our new weddings and events manager, who is giving you a sneak peek into her day-to-day life at the hall. This time, to talk all things delicious it’s the turn of Jeanette, the Hall’s wonderful Breakfast Chef.

Hi, Jeanette! Tell us a little about yourself and what appealed to you about working at Saltmarshe Hall

I previously worked at Eggborough Power station for 25 years I started as head chef and worked my way up the ladder to facilities manager I took my redundancy last year as I intended to retire
I had 5 months where I did a lot of things that I didn't Have time to do when I was working full time. I then realised that I needed to do some kind of work as I wasn't ready to retire fully.

The job at Saltmarshe Hall came up and it suited me because of the early starts and finishing at 12 o clock as I look after my granddaughter in the afternoon. As soon as I approached Saltmarshe Hall I thought what a beautiful place it was and how lovely it would be to work there the house is set on splendid grounds and it us the ideal venue for all occasions”

Outside your important role at Saltmarshe, how do you like to spend your time?

“I love looking after my granddaughter, walking my dog, going swimming, relaxing in the hot tub, weekend breaks away and going for meals out at different restaurants.”

What do you love about weddings and how you do help turn the vision of couples into a reality - Where do you suggest your couples find inspiration for wedding catering?

“Discussing previous requests from other weddings with the events team and chef at Saltmarshe Hall. I really love to see the house and grounds decorated
for each individual event”

Do you have a style or theme of wedding that you especially adore catering for? 

“I enjoy all styles of weddings. I also really enjoy engaging with the wedding party, preparing breakfast for the guests and looking after the wedding party the morning, of the wedding such as taking breakfast and champagne to the bridal suite”

Saltmarshe Hall has many gorgeous rooms, if you were to plan a relaxing night away is there a particular suite that you'd love to spend a night (or two!) in?

“All the suites are amazing, but my favourite has to be the bridal suite with its roll topped bath in front of the window looking over the splendid grounds and also the cosy snug and very spacious wet room”

Do you have a favourite dish that best represents the elegance of Saltmarshe Hall?

“All the food at Saltmarshe Hall is cooked to a very high standard and the choice is extensive this is down to the great chefs”

How about a favourite tipple - is there a specific drink you'd recommend serving at special events?

”My favourite time of year is Christmas, therefore mulled wine is a must for me on a cold evening”

Do you have any additional comments or top tips for Brides and Grooms looking for their dream wedding venue -

“My advice is to visit the venue in plenty of time before the wedding and put your ideas forward to the events organisers, nothing is to much trouble for the team”

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A Closer Look - Saltmarshe Hall's New Bridal Suite


A Closer Look

Saltmarshe Hall's New Bridal Suite

Every bride (and groom) wants to experience sheer luxury on their wedding day. From the pretty ceremony flowers to the catering and evening entertainment, a wedding at Saltmarshe Hall promises that every detail, no matter how big or small is taken care of. So, if it’s luxury that you’re seeking, then you’re certainly in the right place!

And what about the Bridal Suite, we hear you ask? Well we certainly haven't skimped on the details there either. We understand that your first night as a man and wife should be just as memorable as the daytime celebrations. After all, this may be the first chance you’ve had to relax and look back on the day that has just unfolded. A time to pamper yourself and reminisce. 

After some very hard work and intensive renovations, at Saltmarshe Hall we are delighted to announce that our bridal suite is complete. Offering a spacious and elegant room, the bridal suite has many features, all of which have been designed with you in mind. 

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? 


The Snug

Our interior designers have been hard at work to create a room that is equally convenient as breathtakingly beautiful. 

The bridal suite not only boasts a shower room, but a Snug that allows for the bridesmaids to get ready in, or for you to take a breather before you head down the sweeping staircase to exchange vows. With additional seating, this cosy space is a wonderful addition to Saltmarshe Hall. 


Idyllic Views

With opulent front-facing windows, you can watch from a distance as your guests arrive down the driveway. But don’t worry! They won’t get a sneak peak, our voile curtains ensure that nobody can see in, but they still let in enough light for great make-up lighting. 


Mirror Mirror

An elegant mirror has been placed in the bridal suite with prime position in mind. It’s both large enough for full-length photographs and for you to get ready with ease.


A Free-Standing Bath

Overlooking the picturesque parkland of Saltmarshe Hall, a free-standing bath sits pretty in the window. Perfect for the bride and groom to unwind after a whirlwind of a day, before tucking into the comfiest of beds.


Dreaming of getting married at Saltmarshe Hall, and lapping up the luxury in our gorgeous bridal suite? Contact us for more details. We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Summer of Weddings at Saltmarshe Hall


A Summer of Weddings

At Saltmarshe Hall…

Phew! We’ve had one of the busiest and most beautiful of summers at Saltmarshe Hall.

With thanks to the sizzling weather, our brides, grooms and guests have not only been able to relax by the cool waters of our outdoor pool, but have made the most of record high temperatures, enjoying alfresco dining on our beautiful terrace. A summer of sun has also meant that the hall has hosted an abundance of outdoor ceremonies, and our flower-filled gardens have made for the perfect setting.

Shall we discover a little more about Summer weddings at Saltmarshe?

Whats new???

The Terrace

The glorious terrace at Saltmarshe Hall has a capacity for 118 seated for a wedding breakfast, meaning it’s never been easier to enjoy a day surrounded by your closest friends and family. Make the most of the summer sun as you enjoy fine dining, refreshing drinks and cocktails, created by the dedicated chefs and team at the hall.

As the evening sets in, you don't have to worry about the chill. Our terrace has heaters and sides that can be put in place, if required. Enjoy an evening of dancing and celebrations with a true Mediterranean style backdrop. A stunning ending to the perfect wedding day.

Cluskey-Smith Wedding Photography

Cluskey-Smith Wedding Photography

Outdoor Ceremonies

With the choice of two picturesque settings for an outdoor ceremony, why not make Saltmarshe Hall your choice of wedding venue?

Enjoy the intimacy of the walled garden, adorned with sweet smelling flowers or the Lime Avenue, providing a lush green canopy for your ceremony setting.

Fiona Kelly Photography

Fiona Kelly Photography

The Full Experience

During the spring and summer months, guests can experience the full outdoors. Make use of the gardens at Saltmarshe Hall by having an outdoor drinks reception, complete with lawn games and entertainment for all of the family to enjoy.

You don’t need to worry about your wedding photographs either, as the hall has many unique settings - all perfect for those precious moments together as man and wife.

Cluskey-Smith Wedding Photography

Cluskey-Smith Wedding Photography

Kind Words…

Francesca & Ben, 27/07/2018

Our outdoor ceremony was absolutely perfect and everyone commented on how different it was having both the wedding and our wedding breakfast outside. I also have to say a special thank you to the whole Saltmarshe team on the day who went above and beyond to make sure I had my dream ceremony when at times it looked like mother nature had other plans!

We had a fantastic day (my Nan even declared it the best wedding she had ever been to - high praise indeed).

So, if you’re dreaming of outdoor dining on your special day, or a ceremony inspired by nature then get do get in contact with our weddings and events team at Saltmarshe Hall. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding visions!

James Green Studio

James Green Studio

Meet The Team - Our Weddings & Events Manager, Hannah

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 17.50.12.png

Meet The Team

Hannah, Our Weddings & Events Manager

At Saltmarshe Hall we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver. From the couples that are looking to plan their dream day, to the seekers of all things relaxing that stay with us in our tranquil suites - our team are truly at the heart of it all. 

This is why we’re delighted to introduce our new feature in the journal, ‘Meet the Team’, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the hardworking team at Saltmarshe Hall.

This month we’re introducing you to the lovely Hannah, our new weddings and events manager, who is giving you a sneak peek into her day-to-day life at the hall.



Hi, Hannah! Tell us a little about yourself and what appealed to you about working at Saltmarshe Hall, helping Brides and Grooms to plan their dream day?

“I've been in the wedding and events industry for around 5 years now and worked at 3 different venues. In terms of personal preference, Saltmarshe Hall is by far my favourite. 

It definitely helps when I can see myself having my own wedding here. I just love the interior design, everything has been modernised but the Hall still has its historic features. I think for brides and grooms, it’s the neutral, fresh tones throughout the Hall that make it so appealing. Not to mention the flexibility of how your wedding can work throughout the Hall is great, there's different options for ceremonies and rooms to hold your wedding breakfast. The addition of the terrace offering outside dining this year, has just increased all capabilities and originality. 

The team is like one big family - I think most past brides and grooms will agree when I say that everybody here is invested in the Hall, and loves working here. I'm big on customer service and like to pride myself on exceeding customer expectations when possible, so to be around people that share that is amazing, which is why we receive the feedback we do :)”


Outside your life in weddings, how do you like to spend your time?    

“I have a great circle of family and friends, who I love to spend time with, whether that be shopping with my mum and sister or meeting the girls for lunch. I have travelled a little bit before starting of my career so I love trying new things and visiting new places. I'm also a football fan, and once was a hard-core Scunthorpe United fan back in the day, but unfortunately in this industry it means I don't get to many games anymore!”


What do you love about weddings and how you do help turn the vision of couples into a reality?

“These days I feel like brides are doing a lot more themselves in terms of decoration etc. which for me is great. I love nothing more than having a bride walk into their wedding breakfast and thanking me as it looks amazing, but I always say its them that should feel proud as its all their visions and creativity that have made this happen, I've just helped pull the pieces together! 

I love planning their big day, sharing their vision and seeing it all come together on the day. And when it’s every week, I love seeing the different creations and ideas that people have. 

Pinterest is obviously a great start when it comes to inspiration. Just creating different boards and seeing your ideas in one place and cross referencing them to narrow down your final looks. However, the best inspiration in my opinion (and as cheesy as it may sound), are the memories you've made and the places you've been with your new husband or wife to be.”


Do you have a style or theme of wedding that you especially adore

“I'm very much a less is more kind of person! So I love the real simplistic ideas that separately may not feel like much, but when you see it all together throughout the day it really comes alive. 

Its funny really because there's so many different themes and decor's that I've seen and when I stop and think about it, I have no idea what I'd do myself!”


Saltmarshe Hall has many gorgeous rooms; if you were to plan a relaxing night away is there a particular suite that you'd love to spend a night (or two!) in?    

“This is so hard! I love most of our suites! 

The new bridal suite is just stunning and now the bath is in it just finishes off nicely. So probably the bridal suite!”

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 17.51.32.png


How about a favourite tipple - We hear that you love gin, is there a drink you'd recommend serving at special events?

“It took me a while but yes, I'm now a gin lover. I realised it was the tonic I didn't like! My go to now is Rhubarb Gin & Ginger Ale :) I also love my red wine!

In terms of catering for people, bottled beers and Prosecco go down really well for the ladies and gents. It's also a great idea to have a bit of a station with cordials and fruits to make the Prosecco a bit more exciting!”


Do you have any additional top tips for Brides and Grooms looking for their dream wedding venue?

“If you have a specific style and vision for a specific venue then great, but if you don't, I definitely recommend viewing all different kinds of venues - it'll take time and a lot of patience, but I think its important that you both get an understanding of what you want. After all you're spending a lot of money. And of course, make sure you visit me at Saltmarshe Hall :)”


Are you looking to plan your dream wedding day? Do get in contact with Hannah to ask any questions on availability or to explore our gorgeous venue, Saltmarshe Hall. We would love to welcome you and discuss all things weddings over a coffee.


Our Wedding Open Day

Flowers 14.jpg

Our Wedding Open Day

Events at The Hall

The time has nearly come for our Wedding Open Day at the Hall! 


Saltmarshe Hall is a historic 19th century stately home located in mature parkland in the secluded countryside of Yorkshire, it holds a variety of exquisite accommodation to choose from, regular events, as well as its reputation for being one of East Yorkshires top wedding venues. The grounds offer extensive lawns, wooded areas and a secluded walled garden which contains an array of colour with its kitchen garden, hornbeam hedges and bordered walkways. 

When and Why?

Join us at Saltmarshe Hall on the 2nd of September between 12 noon and 3pm to take the next step in planning the wedding of a lifetime. The magical day, hosted by us on our beautful grounds, will showcase the hall in all its glory, dressed as it would be on any of our wedding days - giving you a true taste of what your day could be like. We carry out days like these every couple of months to meet brides and grooms to be, to give tours around the hall and show how we'd design your bespoke wedding around you, and answer any questions they see fit regarding your special day. 

Ask Us! 

Our dedicated, on-site team will be there to answer any questions or queries you may have about all things weddings! Helping you visualise your perfect wedding bespoke to your ideas and preferences. Every wedding we take on at the hall, we get to know you, your needs, and exactly what we need to do to make your day one of the best you've had.

No Need to Book

So it's easier for you, the house will be open so there is no need to book, so just come down, have a chat with our lovely team and let the hall speak for itself!


We hope to see you there! 

The Saltmarshe Team


Flowers 16.jpg





Our ethos is to listen to what you want; we don't enforce any off the shelf packages. We facilitate the day and let your creative input flourish.


Our promise is we never hold more than one wedding a day; so the Hall is well and truly your house.


All reception rooms inside the Hall are licensed for weddings, but how about complementing this with an outdoor ceremony? With acres of beautiful grounds you can guarantee a unique celebration. From serene woodland setting or under a canopy of blossom trees, there are endless options for a perfect ceremony.


All our rooms are licensed for ceremonies so you can tailor the day around your personal wishes. There's a room for every occasion.


Whether you choose to have an abundance of flowers, tea lights or to personalise with photographs from home, you can have as flamboyant or simple a style as you wish; let your imagination run wild! Our team will make it happen.


Prepare For Christmas

Christmas bannister.jpg

Christmas At The Hall

Our Christmas Events

A Christmas at Saltmarshe is always one you'll never forget. It is the time when friends and family come together to soak up the atmosphere in our cosy lounges, with burning log fires to keep you warm and there is always plenty of locally sourced Christmas food, drink and mince pies to enjoy while you stay with us. 

The stunning grounds glisten with a light covering of frost and are perfect for those scenic winter strolls. Our gardens at Christmas time are picture perfect, still brimmed with nature and fantastic to explore on those winter afternoons with the family or some friends. The Hall bursts into festivity with our enchanting events and treats for all of our wonderful guests. Saltmarshe will help make those wintry months cosy and entertaining, with lots going on for everybody to join us and enjoy: 

Private Christmas Dining

This year at Saltmarshe we're now officially taking bookings for private Christmas dining. Our private Christmas dining can either be a corporate celebration between colleagues or family bookings too. With a locally sourced Christmas menu to die for, we'll make sure you're all set for the best Christmas dining experience you've had in years. With prices starting from £29.95 per person, enquire now to make sure you don't miss out.

Festive Wreath Making Classes

Throughout the winter we host an abundance of exciting events, but this one has to be one of our favourites, our festive Christmas wreath making class. Join us for festive afternoon tea followed by our fun, interactive wreath making classes where you can craft your very own beautiful Christmas wreath to take home. At £79 per person it's a day you cannot miss! Enquire now to join us!


Contact the Saltmarshe Hall team to book your place on any of our events or alternatively book out the entire house for that extra special unique family get together.

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Revealing our outdoor pool

Saltmarshe Pool

Take A Dip..

Things to do at the Hall 

From our walled garden, to grand herbaceous borders and sweeping lawns, to tree-lined walkways, Saltmarshe Hall is a year-round garden worthy of a visit. One of the most hidden parts of the garden, is our eye-catching heated swimming pool. 

So, why not spend this summer cooling off after your day of romance, relaxing after some birthday festivities or just gathering around for an evening with your friends. We’re happy to announce our outdoor private pool is available for hire for a limited period, here at Saltmarshe Hall.

The pool itself is located deep in our nature filled gardens, giving you the quiet, secluded surroundings to relax, chill out and soak up the atmosphere with a glass of fizz. Even on those cooler evenings, you can turn up the temps and enjoy the moment - there really is no bad time to take a dip! 



What could be better than throwing off your shoes, feeling the cool air between your toes and dipping your feet in the cool, soft waves of our outdoor pool? Not a lot we're guessing! 


Whether you're staying with us in one of our rooms, having a pre-wedding chill out with your friends before the big day, or even just a random group booking, we'll make sure you're enjoying yourselves with your favourite drink in the quiet atmosphere! 


Due to its heating system, the Pool can be booked most times of the year, and can be customised around your occasion if requested! To book, visit our contact page for more future bookings and more information! 

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Work In Progress: The Bridal Suite

Saltmarshe Hall is an historic 19th century stately home located in mature parkland in the secluded countryside of Yorkshire, with 14 luxury rooms, a three bedroom converted stable house and two bedroom cottage based on the estate, it holds a variety of exquisite accommodation to choose from. The grounds offer extensive lawns, wooded areas and a secluded walled garden which contains an array of colour with its kitchen garden, hornbeam hedges and bordered walkways. 

The Hall is very well known for its stunning grounds, long lawns, and breath-taking weddings and events; But one of the main beauties of the historic Hall is it’s stunning, recently refurbished accommodation. We're so excited to be finishing off our newest addition to our portfolio of rooms, the Bridal Suite. 

Saltmarshe suites are designed from the ground up, encompassing everything from traditional floor plans to unique, bespoke crafted and locally sourced furniture. We start from the ground and work the room up to the beautiful, artisan-like rooms you know and love.

This year, we’re developing the brand new Bridal Suite, using our favourite tool: the mood board. We love using them here to develop our rooms at Saltmarshe, so much so, that we’ve decided to share our recent development with you all.. 

As always, we've used local businesses and products to create our brand new room, we’re working very closely alongside Egg Interiors, yorkshires finest interior design company and the lovely Jemma Shek from Contents Design, a talented interior designer who has helped us really bring the suite to life. The room itself boasts a mixture of both traditional and contemporary features, as well as a stunning ensuite. We've spent an extensive amount of time developing this suite in particular to ensure its elegance is just as breathtaking and luxurious as our other suites. Whether its a wedding, an event, or accommodation.. We don't do anything half hearted here at Saltmarshe!


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 18.16.14.png


With many finishing touches yet to be installed, we look forward to hear your feedback in regards to our progress, we're so excited to show it to everyone when its finished, it really is going to be something special. For pre-bookings of our exciting new room, get in touch by contacting us

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A Walk Around The Gardens


A Walk Around The Gardens

Saltmarshe Hall

Come and take a walk around our interesting and picturesque gardens this summer and see what you can find!

From our walled garden, to grand herbaceous borders, sweeping lawns and tree-lined walkways, our gardens are a fabulous year-round experience for anyone who comes to visit.

Set in 17 acres of stunning Yorkshire countryside and fronted by the River Ouse, beautiful and picturesque views can be seen from all areas of the garden.

The parkland offers opportunities to explore riverside walks, ancient trees and discover hidden wildlife. For the more adventurous hiker or cyclist, we’re on the Trans-Pennine trail running from Hornsea to Southport.


Outdoor Weddings and Events

All of our reception rooms inside the Hall are licensed for weddings, but why not complement this with an outdoor wedding? With acres of beautiful grounds and gardens you can guarantee a unique celebration. We listen to what you want, whether having it in a serene woodland setting or under a canopy of blossom trees, letting your creative input flourish, our team then make it happen! An outdoor wedding at Saltmarshe is truly a wedding to remember. 

We don’t just host weddings in our grounds and gardens, to utilise it’s beauty as much as we can in these Summer months, we host an array of exciting and diverse events for anyone and everyone to join us and enjoy. To keep updated on what there is to offer, join our mailing list by enquiring here!

Our annual garden open day is being held this Sunday (3rd of June - see events for details); with our gardeners on standby to give tours and offer information regarding the multitude of life we have within the vicinity. This year, we have a new addition to our gardens that you might find quite interesting – carnivorous plants! We thought we’d shed some light on a couple that we found the most weird and wonderful, let us know what you think, or even come and see them yourself!



The Cobra Lily

There is only one species of this fascinating plant, naturally found along mountain streamsides of North California and Oregon.
Flies are attracted to nectar on the forked 'tongue' guiding them into the lobster pot style opening into the hood. Light enters the hood through the translucent windows and the fly becomes confused and cannot find the exit. The spiral trap has rows of downward pointing hairs making the descent one way. We’ve had to be very specific in where we’ve located these in our gardens due to most of them liking a bright, cool position away from hot summer temperatures and central heating in the winter. They tend to thrive outside in a sheltered position, so we have a few places in mind!







The Venus Fly Trap

We love these… Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants native to a small region of wetlands in America. They have however been introduced into other areas of the world (soon to be including Saltmarshe Hall!) and are really popular house plants too. The flytrap snaps shut and imprisons its prey when triggered by a time and touch sensitive mechanism – interesting eh?! Once the prey has been digested, the trap re-opens ready for another victim. Each individual trap on the Venus flytrap can only operate three or four times, after which it photosynthesizes like a normal leaf or dies back. The Saltmarshe gardeners are safe… They only feed on a diet of flies and small bugs. 







The Sundew

Sundews are carnivorous plants with an ingenious way to catch their prey. Sundew plants have sticky pads that trap insects. The plants are also attractive, often brightly coloured rosettes. Growing sundews is common in terrariums or other warm, moist areas that mimic their natural bog habitat, in which we have adapted an area specifically for them in our gardens. 









So there we are, we hope to see you for our open garden day this Sunday, if not – get in touch with us for when the next one is! 


Thanks for reading!


The Saltmarshe Team

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The North Wing Has arrived at Saltmarshe Hall!

Saltmarshe Hall-062.jpg

Defining Luxury.

The North Wing Has arrived

With the addition of our brand new North Wing, Saltmarshe is an even more attractive and sought after location. Our reputation was earned by providing some of the best wedding’s Yorkshire has ever seen and now we’re offering luxury ensuites to international clients.

The award winning Saltmarshe Hall is situated in the gorgeous countryside of Howden, with self contained luxury accommodation being second to none in the Yorkshire area.

We’ve really gone that extra mile here at Saltmarshe Hall to present our clients, customers and brides the accommodation that they deserve.

Over the past several months we have been developing this finely crafted selection of ensuites, situated at the front-side of the building where the view is the most serene.

The North Wing, previously an old servants wing, had laid dormant for over 80 years before it was redeveloped, with it’s history almost as beautiful as the rooms themselves.

Given the age of the house, part of its charm is the lack of linearity. Rather than altering this, we chose to retain the character of the building.

When we looked at redecorating, we were really keen to retain the atmosphere of the bedrooms, so we worked tirelessly with an interior designer to come up with a scheme that reflected the heritage and sympathetic finishes of the wing.

Furthermore, each room has been hand styled and custom decorated by the finest artisans in Yorkshire, fitted with bespoke hand selected furnishings.

We worked through designs for the rooms using the existing floor plan, altering as little as possible as we felt it was more important to keep the rooms as near to the original as we could.

We are delighted to have been able to give this part of the Hall a future and look forward to having it come back to life.

All our rooms, including The North Wing, are licensed for ceremonies so that you can tailor the day around your personal wishes. There's a room for every occasion, allowing you to
soak up the atmosphere and celebrate in style.

Enjoy your time at Saltmarshe Hall.


If you’d like more information, or to inquire about a booking please use the ‘Book Now’ button below, alternatively you can call or email Saltmarshe Hall.

Saltmarshe Hall. Howden, East Yorkshire
DN14 7RX 01430 434920

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Welcome to the Saltmarshe Blog!


Fantastic News!

We've launched the Saltmarshe Hall Journal!

With the seasons changing, and brighter days ahead for the Hall, we’ve decided to move with the weather and update our online presence a little bit.

Saltmarshe is rolling out its very own newsletter!

We’re also excited to announce the arrival of the Saltmarshe Hall blog, where we’ll be documenting:
- What’s happening on and around Saltmarshe Hall

- Events including Saltmarshe
- Treats our customers, brides and clients would enjoy
- Room and
accommodation updates
- Services Saltmarshe includes in bookings
- Upcoming and previous events
- Exclusive content from the Team
- And additional snippets of information we think you might enjoy.

This blog is not only for Saltmarshe Hall, but is for all of our enthusiastic brides we've met, customers we've encountered, clients we love, grooms we've helped and businesses we've accommodated.

If you landed here from the newsletter, Saltmarshe would like to thank you, and ask that you share the blog.

From today, all of Saltmarshe Hall’s news, updates, events and social media posts are going to be shared here, in the journal along with any important information regarding Saltmarshe Hall!

Happy Holidays!
The Saltmarshe Team


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For information regarding our wedding events and corporate room hire, please call Kate on 01430 434920.

Alternatively, you can reach our
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