Meet The Team - Our Weddings & Events Manager, Hannah

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Meet The Team

Hannah, Our Weddings & Events Manager

At Saltmarshe Hall we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver. From the couples that are looking to plan their dream day, to the seekers of all things relaxing that stay with us in our tranquil suites - our team are truly at the heart of it all. 

This is why we’re delighted to introduce our new feature in the journal, ‘Meet the Team’, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the hardworking team at Saltmarshe Hall.

This month we’re introducing you to the lovely Hannah, our new weddings and events manager, who is giving you a sneak peek into her day-to-day life at the hall.



Hi, Hannah! Tell us a little about yourself and what appealed to you about working at Saltmarshe Hall, helping Brides and Grooms to plan their dream day?

“I've been in the wedding and events industry for around 5 years now and worked at 3 different venues. In terms of personal preference, Saltmarshe Hall is by far my favourite. 

It definitely helps when I can see myself having my own wedding here. I just love the interior design, everything has been modernised but the Hall still has its historic features. I think for brides and grooms, it’s the neutral, fresh tones throughout the Hall that make it so appealing. Not to mention the flexibility of how your wedding can work throughout the Hall is great, there's different options for ceremonies and rooms to hold your wedding breakfast. The addition of the terrace offering outside dining this year, has just increased all capabilities and originality. 

The team is like one big family - I think most past brides and grooms will agree when I say that everybody here is invested in the Hall, and loves working here. I'm big on customer service and like to pride myself on exceeding customer expectations when possible, so to be around people that share that is amazing, which is why we receive the feedback we do :)”


Outside your life in weddings, how do you like to spend your time?    

“I have a great circle of family and friends, who I love to spend time with, whether that be shopping with my mum and sister or meeting the girls for lunch. I have travelled a little bit before starting of my career so I love trying new things and visiting new places. I'm also a football fan, and once was a hard-core Scunthorpe United fan back in the day, but unfortunately in this industry it means I don't get to many games anymore!”


What do you love about weddings and how you do help turn the vision of couples into a reality?

“These days I feel like brides are doing a lot more themselves in terms of decoration etc. which for me is great. I love nothing more than having a bride walk into their wedding breakfast and thanking me as it looks amazing, but I always say its them that should feel proud as its all their visions and creativity that have made this happen, I've just helped pull the pieces together! 

I love planning their big day, sharing their vision and seeing it all come together on the day. And when it’s every week, I love seeing the different creations and ideas that people have. 

Pinterest is obviously a great start when it comes to inspiration. Just creating different boards and seeing your ideas in one place and cross referencing them to narrow down your final looks. However, the best inspiration in my opinion (and as cheesy as it may sound), are the memories you've made and the places you've been with your new husband or wife to be.”


Do you have a style or theme of wedding that you especially adore

“I'm very much a less is more kind of person! So I love the real simplistic ideas that separately may not feel like much, but when you see it all together throughout the day it really comes alive. 

Its funny really because there's so many different themes and decor's that I've seen and when I stop and think about it, I have no idea what I'd do myself!”


Saltmarshe Hall has many gorgeous rooms; if you were to plan a relaxing night away is there a particular suite that you'd love to spend a night (or two!) in?    

“This is so hard! I love most of our suites! 

The new bridal suite is just stunning and now the bath is in it just finishes off nicely. So probably the bridal suite!”

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How about a favourite tipple - We hear that you love gin, is there a drink you'd recommend serving at special events?

“It took me a while but yes, I'm now a gin lover. I realised it was the tonic I didn't like! My go to now is Rhubarb Gin & Ginger Ale :) I also love my red wine!

In terms of catering for people, bottled beers and Prosecco go down really well for the ladies and gents. It's also a great idea to have a bit of a station with cordials and fruits to make the Prosecco a bit more exciting!”


Do you have any additional top tips for Brides and Grooms looking for their dream wedding venue?

“If you have a specific style and vision for a specific venue then great, but if you don't, I definitely recommend viewing all different kinds of venues - it'll take time and a lot of patience, but I think its important that you both get an understanding of what you want. After all you're spending a lot of money. And of course, make sure you visit me at Saltmarshe Hall :)”


Are you looking to plan your dream wedding day? Do get in contact with Hannah to ask any questions on availability or to explore our gorgeous venue, Saltmarshe Hall. We would love to welcome you and discuss all things weddings over a coffee.