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We hold the relationship with our clients/guests at the utmost importance, it is for this reason we have laid out all of your privacy rights within this document.

These rights are inclusive of the GDPR changes of May 2018

External Acquisition 

It is most likely that if you are reading this document that we have acquired your personal data via the Contact Us / Wedding Enquiry forms on our website or have contacted us with an interest in a service we offer.

If that is the case, the only Personal Data we will have on you or your company will be what you provided to us at the initial point of contact. As conversations continue it may become necessary to acquire more Personal Data from you (such as Bank Details for payment, Address, further contact information) but this data will only come from outside of Saltmarshe Hall LTD and we will never Data Mine you or your company

Internal Acquisition 

We do also however occasionally investigate a business we would like to work with and collect publicly available data which we add to our database. This is data we acquire either directly through your website, through Google, or through any other publicly available source. 

If you believe we have acquired your data through any other method and would like to have it removed, there is a full explanation in Section 5 as to how to do this.

Whether we have acquired your Personal Data through External Acquisition or Internal Acquisition, we organise it all into our Database.

This Database is locked securely away on our premises, and contains only the information you provide us or that is publicly available. Our premises are alarmed and monitored by CCTV.

Your Personal Data is never needed to be taken off site.

Our personal cloud server also requires a code to access and is additionally encrypted.

We hold onto your data primarily to ease the contact process between us.

In short this means if you have filled out the enquiry form in regards to our services we can e-mail over examples of our work that are relevant to the project and get in touch via telephone.

Once the contract is over we hold these details on our Database. This is so that if you decide you would like stay with us or hold another event in the future we can begin straight away. It is however completely within your rights to have this information removed upon request, this is further explained in Section 5.

We never sell your Personal Data to any third parties, Processors or any company/organisation.

Right to be Informed (Articles 13 & 14)

This document covers your right to be informed, and is a completely transparent record of how and why we use your Personal Data. If you believe we have not done this to a satisfactory standard it is also completely within your rights to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Right of Access (Article 15)

Individuals have the right to access their personal data and supplementary information upon request. This allows individuals to be aware of and verify the lawfulness of the processing. This information is available free of charge.

Right to Rectification (Article 16)

If you believe that the Personal Data we hold on you is incorrect or in need of rectification, it is within your rights to request the changes to be made, again, free of charge.

Right to Erasure (Article 17)

Also known as ‘the Right to be Forgotten’, the principle underpinning this right is to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of Personal Data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. In short, if you believe we have no good reason to hold onto your data, it is your right to request for the deletion of all records we hold on you and/or your company. Records would then be deleted from all of our data drives and cloud servers

Right to Restrict Processing (Article 18 & 19)

We routinely check and update the Personal Data we hold on customers, as to verify it’s accuracy. The Right to Restrict Processing means that upon request we would no longer interact with your data, whether that’s updating it or using it to complete a project with you. This is not the same, however, as the Right to Erasure as it would still be held on our Database.

Right to Data Portability (Article 20)

This right ensures that, upon request, we can provide you with all the Personal Data we hold on you in an easily readable format for both people and machines. This service is available free of charge

Right to Object (Article 21)

Your Right to Object is active before any contact is made with Saltmarshe Hall. In short, it is entirely within your rights as a company, or as an individual, to object to Saltmarshe Hall holding, acquiring or processing information pertaining to your Personal Data. If you wish to object please send an email to [email protected] or call on 01430 434920

Rights related to automated decision making including profiling (Article 22)

These rights pertain to your knowledge and recognition that the rights listed above exist, and are active under Saltmarshe Hall LTD. We carry out processing under Article 22(1) because we have the individual’s explicit consent recorded. We can show when and how we obtained consent. We tell individuals how they can withdraw consent and have a simple way for them to do this.

This document has provided a brief, transparent look into how and why we hold your Personal Data.

If you have any further questions or complaints, or would like to know more about your rights as a company and as an Individual, then please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or call on 01430 434920

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